We'll see you at FOSS4G


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FOSS4G is back in-person and so are we! We’re excited to talk about all things open source geospatial, especially Science Data cloud access optimization and usage, and of course TiTiler and PgSTAC.

We’ve been hard at work on TiTiler the last two years, and geospatial developer, Vincent Sarago, is going to share all about this dynamic raster tile server built on top of GDAL/Rasterio. TiTiler uses the FastAPI framework and lets you create raster tiles dynamically from raster datasets (e.g., COGs), STAC or MosaicJSON. It contains a set of python modules that can be used to create custom APIs. Vincent will explain the fundamentals of dynamic tiling and how TiTiler allows users to customize and build their own dynamic tile server. We hope you are also excited to learn more about TiTiler-PgSTAC because it is super cool.

What: TiTiler: Not Just a Tile Server
When: Thursday, August 25th, 09:00–09:30 (Europe/Rome)
Where: Room 6

Along with Vincent (@_VincentS_), Alex Mandel (@aimandel) will also be on hand from the team. If you are curious about what else we’ve been up to we’d love to chat about what you are excited about in the open source community and we hope you’ll say hi.

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