Highlighted projects

Los Angeles building import

In April 2016, the Data team helped LABuildings Import Team to import and validate buildings in Los Angeles. This project was a community-managed import to improve building coverage of OpenStreetMap within the county and also with the objective of inviting local cartographers to participate actively in the whole process.

In the first phase, the Data team helped validate buildings on the Southside LA, the Westside, Central, and Eastside. In the second phase, the Data team helped import in the Southeast of Los Angeles as San Gabriel, Verdugos, and Pomona Valley. Finally, the Data team worked in Northwest - LABuildings Import, Antelope - LABuildings Import, Angeles forest - LABuildings Import.

On this project, the total of buildings imported was ~ 2.92 M buildings where ~300 usernames/mappers participated.

In the first phase, 527,823 buildings were imported.