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This guide describes how to label street view images with building properties and parts. It focuses on how to find and label feature that are relevant when assessing a building's resiliency.

The features we want to label are all listed in the left navigation panel. There is a description and example images for each. They labeling is roughly broken up into building properties (material, completeness, vintage, etc.) and building parts (windows, doors, garages, etc.).

Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT)

We're using the CVAT labeling platform to perform the annotations. The CVAT tools have extensively documented the annotation process. See their tool's readme guide or their youtube video.


  • Each task should only have one annotator working on it at a time. If 2 or more annotators are working on the same task, there might be problems with labels getting overwritten.

  • To expose all of the CVAT buttons/tools in the bottom pane, you may want to zoom out one level in your browser. Here's an example of how to do this in Google Chrome.


  • In the CVAT tool you can use shortcuts, for instance:
    • "N" --> create a shape
    • "F" --> move to the next image
    • "D" --> move to the previous image or
    • "CTRL + S" --> save the work

Also, you can find the full shortcuts in this web page.