Bringing Remote Sensing to Global Development

Satellite imagery is reaching exciting new capabilities like 30cm resolution and daily imagery of the entire planet. Development Seed is leading the use of these new capabilities in global development.

We’re building the infrastructure to allow satellite data to make a positive impact–from building better satellite data products with Astro Digital to our contributions to an OpenAerialMap catalog of satellite and drone imagery.

Our relationships with imagery providers and in-house analytical capabilities allow us to rapidly deploy imagery and analysis in response to natural disasters or to coordinate public safety around the World Cup.

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Open Satellite Data

Landsat imagery is among the most valuable open data produced by the U.S. Government. Libra, landsat-util, and landsat-api are open source tools that put powerful open satellite imagery into the hands of global development organizations and municipal governments.

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Data for resilience and disaster response

We apply the best data available to quickly respond to disasters and build more resilient societies. Working with Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, and Sida we are forging data-driven approaches to address the toughest climate and population challenges.

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Meaningful Modeling

  • IFPRI has created incredibly powerful modeling tools for evaluating population and agricultural production. We built tools so that IFPRI can offer their data to industry and policymakers in a way that allows them to make better decisions.
  • Turning modeling information into data layers allow for comparison with other data. Working with Digital Globe, we turned radio propagation models into map layers.
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We're a team of engineers and designers working on big projects. We believe in open source and in building for lasting impact.

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