We are a small team working on some of the largest projects.

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    Ian oversees our strategy and team to make sure we are doing meaningful, impactful work.

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    Danny is part of our Data Team and builds tools to improve data quality data.

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    Design + Development

    Derek Lieu

    Derek is a javascript developer creating data visualizations and information designs that make data usable.

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    Data Analysis

    Drew Bollinger

    Drew is a data analyst and developer at Development Seed building tools that tell rich data stories.

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    Finance + Operations

    Edith Quispe

    Edith runs finance and operations for our office in Ayacucho.

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    Karito is part of our Data Team and supports OpenSteetMap community growth in Latin America.

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    Kim oversees Finance and Administration, and allows our team to operate efficiently and effectively.

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    Mission Control

    Laura Drew Gillen

    Laura leads business development & partnerships, operations and communications.

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    Marc Farra

    Marc is a software and hardware engineer building better data tools.

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    Mark Boyd

    Mark is a cloud engineer building core infrastructure for Cumulus.

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    Mark is a machine learning engineer who leverages developments in AI to build software for processing and visualizing data.

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    Geospatial Imaging

    Matt Hanson

    Matthew is a geospatial imaging scientist and engineer always learning new things.

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    Lisbon Lead

    Olaf Veerman

    Olaf runs our Lisbon office. He leads out project strategy and implementation through the full project cycle.

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    Pilar is part of our Data Team and runs communications for the Ayacucho office.

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    UI/UX Design

    Ricardo Mestre

    Ricardo is a designer and frontend developer who builds thoughtful and usable interfaces.

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    Richman is part of our Data Team. He reviews accuracy and completeness and contributes to mapping strategy.

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    Data Lead

    Ruben Lopez

    Ruben leads our Data Team in Ayacucho and builds tools for better mapping workflows.

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    Sajjad Anwar

    Sajjad builds tools that work with geographic data and strategizes on ways our partners adopt and utilize OSM.

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    Sanjay Bhangar

    Sanjay is an engineer improving our ecosystem of OpenStreetMap tools.

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    Sean Harkins

    Sean is an engineer who specializes in building infrastructure & pipelines for decision-makers.

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    Seth Vincent

    Seth designs, builds and documents JavaScript tools for collecting and analyzing data.

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    Vitor George

    Vitor is a software developer building open data platforms.

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    Zhuangfang finds meaningful insights in data using machine learning and neural networks.

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