What is this about?


The DevSeed Data Team is constantly handling any geospatial data through different projects of mapping, image labeling, training data generation, and inference validation for ML projects, that involve the analysis and processing of data before, during, and at the end of each project. For this the Data Team created some scripts that it does their work easier, the scripts are written in Node, Python, and Java which process mostly GeoJSON files, all these scripts are hosted in the Geokit tool. Using Geokit they can do different operations in few minutes, for this reason, Geokit is one of the main tools for the Data Team to do efficient data analysis and processing, improve the efficiency of workflows and obtain some statistics more easily.

What does Geokit do?

Geokit is a command-line interface (CLI) tool written in Node, Python, and Java, that contains all the basic functionalities for measurements, conversions, and operations of GeoJSON and OSM files, in addition, it contains scripts for CVAT and Chips-ahoy tools that allow us to process files easily.